Monday, July 14, 2014

Member Missionary Work is Important!

Sister Lapides is a lot better at explaining our week … so I'm using a lot of what she wrote for today's blog entry.

My companion walked out of our bedroom Friday morning and heard flapping noises -- there was a bird in the house (we had left the windows open that night to air out the apartment)!  She went to open the window more so it could get out and there were more flapping noises -- another bird!  Two!  We got them out pretty quickly, but it was so random.

Yesterday we had a pretty cool experience.  We were able to teach our neighbor who lives right below us (our building is just two apartments, right on top of each other).  We had talked to him a little before, gotten to know him a little, but didn't talk religion at all.  We had given him a Book of Mormon but hadn't followed up at all because he hadn't asked us any more about it.  We didn't want him to have a bad experience with the Sisters considering he'll always live right under them.  But we knew we had to follow up with him.  We both felt that we should go see him and teach him.  So we mustered up the courage to ask to teach him and he said yes!  He told us all these cool experiences when he had seen God in his life.  He also said he read a little of the Book before we came and said it was interesting.  So we taught the lesson and it was so great!  He got really excited when we told him about the origins of the Book of Mormon.  We committed him to read more and pray and we have a return appointment with him this Wednesday!  Seeing him was pretty much the highlight of our week!

Let me put in a plug for member missionary work and how important it is!  It is funny because as missionaries, we're like … Go members!  Tell people!  Give us referrals!  It is not that hard!  WAKE UP CALL.  IT IS SO HARD.  Heavenly Father taught us both that lesson this week.  Since we “got along” with our neighbor, we didn't want to offend him … blah, blah, blah, the usual member excuses … we realized that we were “the members” at that point – and that we were too scared to talk to him because (insert lame excuse here).  But yesterday, we put our FAITH over our FEAR.  We rang his doorbell and just asked him.  And he said yes.  Member missionary work is hard, but Christ is with us every step of the way.  We see how big a part the members play in the strength of the branch.

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

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