Monday, July 21, 2014

Hastening the Work

Well I don't have much time this week (like always).  This week went pretty well.  I don't know if I mentioned this before, but on Saturdays we started teaching reading classes (picture below) which is coming along.

The best part of our week was near the end.  Sister Lapides had a talk in Sacrament Meeting about "Hastening the Work" and it seemed to get the branch pretty motivated.  We were able to take some youth out with us to teach which was a lot of fun.  Members were also excited to come out with us and be a part of the work.

We have this investigator that we had a REALLY great first lesson with.  She had met missionaries before, but after we taught her the restoration, she felt that the Lord was giving her a 2nd chance to know the truth.  Then for a couple weeks we haven't been able to see her and we didn't know why.  We found out (through one of our recent converts who is friends with her husband) that the husband had concerns about the church and discouraged her from meeting with us.  Then the recent convert taught the husband a little more and he not only agreed to having us come and teach his wife, but he wants to sit in on the lessons too!  We're hoping to get the lesson in this week and we're really excited because they're a great family!

It's hard to believe that this week coming will be my last FULL week as a missionary.   Barbados has been a real cool experience and I'm so grateful for all the experiences that I've been able to have on my mission.  I've truly seen so many miracles and blessings from God that I probably haven't been able to write or write it in the way that would give the experience justice.  Anyways I'm just so grateful to be a missionary for a least one last full week!

Much Love,

Sister Crompton

Reading Class

Our Tour of Harrison's Cave this Morning

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  1. Thank you, Katelyn, for sharing your amazing experience with us. Thank you for sharing your impressions, thoughts, and beautiful photos about the people whom you have met and the places where you have traveled. I am certain that many have benefited from what you have taught them and from your example of kindness, patience, and caring. You have been an instrument of God, and I wish that his blessings may always be with you. - - - D. Dillon