Monday, June 9, 2014

Trials Before Miracles

(Editor's Note: Sister Crompton's new mailing address is: 52 Rendezvous Ridge #5, Christ Church, Barbados.  Keep in mind, however, that mail service to the West Indies is very slow and inconsistent.  Any letters or packages sent in July will probably not get to her before she leaves to return home.)

So because Sister Gossard and I are in the area with the only airport in Barbados, we do a lot of picking up and dropping off of missionaries.  This week there was a conference that our "sister training leader," Sister Kime, went to, so we had the privilege of being in a trio with her companion.  Her name is Sister Aitiria and she is from Kiribati (sounds like Kear-dii-best) when she says it.  She's super sweet and made us fried rice and even though she's learning English, she did an awesome job while teaching lessons with us.

We were able to have some success with having members join us in lessons this week.  We also were blessed to have one of our members bring a investigator that she referred us to church on Sunday!  I know that it's a result from my and Sister Gossard's fasting and prayers!

I keep on gaining a stronger testimony of trials before miracles.  Sister Gossard and I went "finding" (looking for investigators) after some appointments fell through and we both felt and impression to go down to a specific street.  As we went on, we didn't seem to have much success.  We came across a man who was very very rude and just straight up mean to us.  But we kept on going and we met this awesome mom just a few doors down him.  She had Sisters meet with her in 2008 and loved what they were teaching, but her daughter was ill in the hospital when they were teaching her.  She had been basically living in the hospital up until her daughter died and by the time she returned, both the sisters had left and she didn't have a way to find the new missionaries. She seems super prepared and we are seeing her tomorrow.

We will be getting our transfer calls this week.  It blows my mind that the transfer is already almost up!  Time is flying so fast!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Sister Aitiria in front of the sunset

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