Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting Used to Barbados

I'm still adjusting to life here on Barbados ... which consists of HOT and FLAT but I'm loving it.
We had an unfortunate experience this week where Sister Gossard ran over a pigeon ... we thought he'd get out of the road like all of the other pigeons normally do ... well he didn't.
Some  terms here on the island are:
wanna = you (example: "wanna can come with us")
cheese on bread = gosh dang it
if = what ( example: if someone needed you to repeat something, instead of saying "what?" they would say "if?")
So that's what I learned this week.  As far as the work, things are progressing.  We're seeing some progress in our teaching pool and have found  some pretty cool people that we're excited for.
Yesterday in Relief Society we went over Jeffrey R. Hollands most recent talk ( It is a great message and I love the truth of what he's saying.  Luckily Sister Gossard and I haven't had any food thrown at us.  We've only experienced rocks and marriage proposals thrown at us by some of the local men.  But we endure.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Full Week in Barbados

It is pretty hot here in Barbados but things have been going well.

We are doing our best to work with the Branch President and the members to gain their trust and be able to have great things happen.  This week was focused on beginning to build that trust, since we don't have anyone that is super progressing towards baptism.  We are hoping to work more with the youth and get things going in that department.  We go to YSA (young single adults) every week and this week we played dodge-ball, soccer and of course, in the West Indies, there is always a game of dominoes!

This morning the Sisters went to Bridgetown and got lunch.  It was beautiful and I remembered being there a little over a year ago when I came here for the first time for Zone Conference.  Time flies.

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

The Barbados Chapel


Monday, May 12, 2014

Arrived in Barbados

The transition from St. Maarten to Barbados went pretty smoothly.  It was funny because I had a small layover in the Antigua airport and I ran into some sisters from the Puerto Rico Mission!

It was sad saying goodbye and leaving St. Maarten but I know that I left it in great hands and I'm excited to be here in Barbados.  It's very big and flat compared to St. Maarten however the people are great and the Island is still beautiful.

The branch is great too and I'm excited to work with my new companion, Sister Gossard.  We're both ready to have great things happen in our area.

It was great seeing and talking with Mom, dad and Hermana Crompton yesterday for Mothers day!  Happy Late Mothers day to all the mommas out there!! :)
Much Love,

Sister Crompton
My new companion, Sister Gossard

Sisters from the Puerto Rico Mission

Monday, May 5, 2014

Heading to Barbados

I don't know if Kallina can see this blog ... but, if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!
So the news is that I'll be transferred this week over to BARBADOS.  I'm real sad to be leaving St. Maarten.  I feel like it's my home.  Nine months is quite a long time.  I do love this area and the members of the branch so much, and I'm so grateful to have served the people here.
This week we truly witnessed how much the Lord is preparing those around us.  We've been able to teach an investigator who the Lord had put plenty of members in her path throughout her life and after debating for quite some time on whether or not to join the church, she finally decided and e-mailed us last week and asked us to take the missionary lessons!  Because she has been around the church for so long she is very familiar with everything that we're teaching and it's been the easiest teaching experience I've ever had.
I know that the greatest proof there is that this gospel is true can be found in the lives of the members who live the teachings and the standards of the church.  It truly is by "their fruits ye shall know them" (Matt 7:20).
It really is sad leaving St. Maarten but I'm so happy about all that is happening in the branch right now and how much the Lord is pouring blessings upon the members here.  I'm just excited to see the growth when I do come back eventually.
Much Love,
Sister Crompton