Monday, April 7, 2014

Finding Our Water Tower

We've had some pretty awesome small miracles happening this week.

Sister Hodge and I didn’t have the full address of an institute-aged man and the road he lives on has about 50+ people living on it.  After sincere prayer for a miracle we ended up running into his mom and found out exactly where he lived within the first 20 minutes of our search!

We also had another miracle by running into a former investigator.  After a really spiritual lesson he committed to coming to watch General Conference.  He came for both sessions on Sunday!  He said that once he feels the Spirit’s confirmation he will be baptized and share the Gospel with others.  We will be following up with him tonight!

I hope that everyone enjoyed General Conference just as much as we did!  Conference always comes at the times we need it most, and at the times when we might be getting too “comfortable.”  I'd have to say that Richard G. Scott's talk was my favorite!  In the Saturday sessions I felt a general sense of encouragement as members of the Church and anyone who has high moral standards.  It's not getting easier, but something that I love that our Mission President frequently talks about is finding our "water tower" … or basically finding that place (physically and spiritually) where we can go and be open and pour out our souls to Heavenly Father.  I've truly seen how vital it is to sincerely pray, thank, ask and KNOW that He is right there listening.  I feel that if there is anything that we can do to relieve us from the trials and whirlwinds in this life it is that solace that we can find in sincerely praying to our Father in Heaven.  He is there ... He just is.

Last week for P-day we went to Coralita Beach again.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love, Sister Crompton

Some scenes from Coralita  Beach

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