Monday, March 31, 2014

Being in the Right Place ...

Well this week has been really great!
We had a baptism on Saturday!  She's the granddaughter of the member Sister Joseph and I had baptized back in October.  She is so awesome and we owe it all to the amazing programs in the Church and the members!  It was really nice to see our recent convert (her grandmother) give the talk on Baptism and see her progression in the gospel and have her granddaughter follow her footsteps!
That night we watched the General Women's meeting which I loved and can testify how true it is that us women in and out of the church really do need each other.
We also had a cool experience where we were at the right place at the right time.  Sister Hodge and I were on our way back from an appointment and we decided to walk (usually we drive) and on the shortcut back we ran into a man who was just about to leave.  It turns out that he used to be a member a long time ago in Jamaica. We taught him the next day and he came to church and gave an awesome testimony about how good it feels to come back.  I love what he said to us before church started, "I still have the Mormons in me ... once it's in it never goes away!"
I hope that everyone else was able to see the General Women's meeting and we are REALLY excited for General Conference coming this weekend!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Preparing for the baptism
A beautiful setting
The whole family

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  1. Oh Sister Crompton, that is such a sweet post! I love all the work you are doing! You are a wonderful missionary!