Monday, March 10, 2014

A Choice Generation

This week has been good.  I'm sorry if this will be a lame entry, but I don't have too much time as I'll be flying to Guadeloupe today to do tradeoffs/shadowing the other sisters there for a few days.  My companion will be staying here in St. Maarten with a temporary companion (young 18 yr old local) which I think will be great for the both of them.

I don't have any new pictures from this past week.  Sorry.

We've been working a lot with members and less-actives and are really excited for the branch activity that we have this Saturday.  We're really hoping to be able to invite and find new investigators through that event.

I don't have much time but I'll leave with a quote that was shared this past Leadership Council.  It was all about being positive and how that really does effect the work.  I have truly learned that it's all about the vision that we have … and if we don't believe it, it won't happen.  "Be not afraid only believe," Jesus said.

Here's the quote from Theodore M. Burton: "God, who knows all things from the beginning, knew that in the last days Satan would exert every effort to destroy the work of God.  The closer we approach the Second Coming of Christ, the greater will be Satan’s efforts.  He will try to influence men as never before to destroy one another by dissension, opposition, selfishness, wars, riots, and destructions.  If he can get people to quarrel with one another, they will inevitably destroy themselves.

God, who knows all things, knew from the very beginning that this would happen.  It is for this reason that God reserved you and the holy priesthood against that time, so that you can exert this divine power to hold Satan in check.  God reserved some of his choicest sons and daughters for the present day and age.  These special children were to be leaders who would recognize the negative, self-destruction efforts of Satan and thwart them by the righteous use of divinely authorized priesthood power.  That is the reason we need peacemakers today as never before."

There are a lot of negative things in this world but I think that we overlook all the blessings that the Lord has given and held for us in these last days.  I hope that someone will get something out of this :)

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

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