Monday, March 31, 2014

Being in the Right Place ...

Well this week has been really great!
We had a baptism on Saturday!  She's the granddaughter of the member Sister Joseph and I had baptized back in October.  She is so awesome and we owe it all to the amazing programs in the Church and the members!  It was really nice to see our recent convert (her grandmother) give the talk on Baptism and see her progression in the gospel and have her granddaughter follow her footsteps!
That night we watched the General Women's meeting which I loved and can testify how true it is that us women in and out of the church really do need each other.
We also had a cool experience where we were at the right place at the right time.  Sister Hodge and I were on our way back from an appointment and we decided to walk (usually we drive) and on the shortcut back we ran into a man who was just about to leave.  It turns out that he used to be a member a long time ago in Jamaica. We taught him the next day and he came to church and gave an awesome testimony about how good it feels to come back.  I love what he said to us before church started, "I still have the Mormons in me ... once it's in it never goes away!"
I hope that everyone else was able to see the General Women's meeting and we are REALLY excited for General Conference coming this weekend!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Preparing for the baptism
A beautiful setting
The whole family

Monday, March 24, 2014

Back "Home" from Martinique

Well I returned from Martinique in the middle of last week and it was just as Frenchy and beautiful as last time!  The sisters there are awesome and I was really happy to see them improve in all phases of the work.
We had a tender mercy when we ran into a contact that I met with them 6 weeks ago (see picture below).  The sisters hadn't really seen her since my last visit so it was a great re-connection!  We even had a lesson with one of their investigators who loves English ... so I understood 90% of the conversation!  Sister Vance and Sister Stahle are awesome and Sister Stahle even made me some crepes (super French!)
I was happy to come home to my companion and area (we had transfer calls and we're both staying here together in St. Maarten for at least another 6 weeks).
We're excited for our baptism this week.  She's the granddaughter of a recent convert who is awesome!  She's been coming to church ever since her grandma got baptized and she told the Primary class that she's going to be baptized before she told us!  She walked to church by herself on Sunday so she could "be on time."
I don't have much time but I hope that everyone has a great week!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Sister  Stahle and Sister Vance

Reunited with friends

Beautiful Martinique!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Well this week I had to experience to go to Guadeloupe and be with the sisters there!  It's amazing to know and witness the same truths being spread in different places and languages.  When I first got there I joined missionaries in a Family Home Evening with some members and I met Sister Felicitay who used to serve in the West Indies Mission a few years ago when only local Sisters were serving -- a true West Indies Mission!  She's really awesome and I was so happy to be able to speak to someone in English.  It was also a member's birthday and the mom wanted a picture of the cake so that's why it's in the picture, haha.

The Sisters in Guadeloupe are all awesome and doing so well.  I was on bikes with Sister Hawkes and Riley my first day in the Abymes area and then on foot with Sister Eyre and Tenny the next day.  It was so nice not being in cars all day.  We had some amazing experiences with the members and I'm so excited to head off to Martinique today to see the sisters over there!  Wish me luck!
Oh our branch had a big activity to celebrate the Relief Society's birthday, bouncy castle, face painting galore!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
With Sister Felicitay, getting photo-bombed by a cake
The Guadeloupe missionaries (l-to-r, Sisters Tenney, Riley, Eyre, Hawkes and, of course, me)
The Relief Society birthday party

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Choice Generation

This week has been good.  I'm sorry if this will be a lame entry, but I don't have too much time as I'll be flying to Guadeloupe today to do tradeoffs/shadowing the other sisters there for a few days.  My companion will be staying here in St. Maarten with a temporary companion (young 18 yr old local) which I think will be great for the both of them.

I don't have any new pictures from this past week.  Sorry.

We've been working a lot with members and less-actives and are really excited for the branch activity that we have this Saturday.  We're really hoping to be able to invite and find new investigators through that event.

I don't have much time but I'll leave with a quote that was shared this past Leadership Council.  It was all about being positive and how that really does effect the work.  I have truly learned that it's all about the vision that we have … and if we don't believe it, it won't happen.  "Be not afraid only believe," Jesus said.

Here's the quote from Theodore M. Burton: "God, who knows all things from the beginning, knew that in the last days Satan would exert every effort to destroy the work of God.  The closer we approach the Second Coming of Christ, the greater will be Satan’s efforts.  He will try to influence men as never before to destroy one another by dissension, opposition, selfishness, wars, riots, and destructions.  If he can get people to quarrel with one another, they will inevitably destroy themselves.

God, who knows all things, knew from the very beginning that this would happen.  It is for this reason that God reserved you and the holy priesthood against that time, so that you can exert this divine power to hold Satan in check.  God reserved some of his choicest sons and daughters for the present day and age.  These special children were to be leaders who would recognize the negative, self-destruction efforts of Satan and thwart them by the righteous use of divinely authorized priesthood power.  That is the reason we need peacemakers today as never before."

There are a lot of negative things in this world but I think that we overlook all the blessings that the Lord has given and held for us in these last days.  I hope that someone will get something out of this :)

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fasting for Missionary Work

Well we had special guests come here to St. Maarten this week ... the BIRDS :)
I was really excited to see the Bird's with whom I served with in St. Vincent.  They are working more with the humanitarian efforts down here in the West Indies Mission, so they were able to provide lots of good info and ideas for the service we could provide on our island.
Oh and Happy (Belated) Birthday to Kara!  I sent you an e-mail so I hope you got it last week!
This week we went on splits with some Relief Society members and we've also been teaching a lot of the members the Law of the Fast and were excited to have some of them fast with us this past Sunday for missionary opportunities.  We hope to be hearing good news soon :)
Sorry I don't have much to write in this post, we didn't know our e-mail shop closed early!  I hope that everyone has a good week!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Me and my companion, Sister Hodge

Elder and Sister Bird!!

Some vistas of St. Maarten