Monday, February 17, 2014

The Work is Hastening

So I got my new companion this week.  Right when you get used to one companion, they leave and you get another ... it's a never ending cycle, but there's nothing we can do about it haha.  She's another brand new missionary.  Her name is Sister Hodge.  She's 19 and from Washington state.  She's very nice and seems real excited about the work.  There was also another set of sisters in Guadeloupe, so there are 4 there now that I'm supervising.  It is nice to hear about all the sisters coming in :)

This week Sister Hodge and I did a lot of service.  We and the Elders helped a member's family on the French side with cleaning off their top roof so they could finish building it.  The Elders also helped us refix our road again for our neighborhood, and my favorite service we did was helping an investigator make cinnamon rolls to raise money (yum!).

We're loving the help we're getting from the members in our work.  A recent convert's granddaughter who has been coming to church for a while told the primary leaders that she wants to be baptized.  It’s a good thing the leaders told us, because we would've had no idea otherwise ha.  So on Sunday the granddaughter and her mom (who hasn't come to church since I've been here) came to church, even though she was sick, she was determined to come which was totally awesome!  The members are the ONLY way that this work can move forward ... I don't think I can say it enough!

One of my favorite parts of conference was the talk called “Put Your Trust in the Lord” when Elder M. Russell Ballard says “We know that when someone gets up to give a talk in sacrament meeting and says, ‘Today I’ll be talking about missionary work’, or perhaps even when Elder Ballard gets up in general conference and says the same thing, some of you listening may think, ‘Oh no, not again; we have heard this before.’  Now, we know that no one likes feeling guilty.”  But it’s true what he says that the Lord IS hastening His work.

Anyways, oh, I almost forgot to give a shout out and thank you for the letters from Kelly Allen, Grandmommy, Bishop Southwick and Carol Baker.

Last week we went to Maho beach because it was Sister Tia's and Elder Woodruff’s last week and neither of them had seen the planes coming in to land.

That's about it for our week!

Much Love, Sister Crompton

My new companion - Sister Hodge

Here are the planes landing at Maho Beach (no Photoshop)!

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