Monday, February 3, 2014

My Week in Martinique

I had the opportunity this week to hop on a plane and head over to Martinique to learn/teach/train the sisters over there, Sister Stahle and Sister Vance.  Martinique is a very beautiful island.  It reminded me of St. Vincent except it was bigger, more well-groomed, oh and VERY  “frenchy” (lots of flowers and pastry stores).

The Sisters over there have some good investigators preparing for baptism next month.  One of them built his home "out of nature" and has very cute dog (see below).  I was a little nervous about the fact that I don't speak much French, but that wasn't really a problem because most people understand a little English and speak very little, and I told them that I understand some French and speak VERY little haha.  But we actually had a really great experience contacting and found a lady who needed translation at first because she only understood a little but she’s very prepared and as the lesson got more spiritual, there came a point where she didn’t need translation because she understood what the Spirit was teaching her.  She mentioned multiple times how she knew she was feeling the Spirit.  It just goes to show that the Spirit speaks everyone in THEIR language and feelings.

There was a gas strike going on over there which apparently happens all the time (according to my Martiniquan district Leader, Elder Telga) so we did a LOT of walking!  Every night we did a 45-minute uphill hike back to their apartment.

We're seeing some good things happen this week in St. Maarten.  Our baptism that was supposed to happen last week is actually taking place this coming Saturday, and the other Dutch Elders are having two on Saturday as well.

That's it for this week.  Oh also, this morning we went to the zoo :)

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Aerial view of Martinique

A beautiful island!

Cute puppy

Me and Sisters Vance and Stahle 

Rockin' the dreadlocks

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