Monday, January 27, 2014

The Road is Straight and Narrow ... and With Some Pot Holes

Last Tuesday we ran into our landlady in town and talked for her for a bit.  She mentioned that the road we live on is very bumpy because it's a private road and it doesn't get fixed.  She mentioned that a long time ago when the Elders were living in the apartment and had the truck, they had gone by the beach and gathered sand and rocks and filled in the potholes.  I volunteered us to do it again and she was real excited about it.  So on Saturday, all of us missionaries met up with our landlady and her husband at the beach and collected the materials and then filled in our road.  It was hard work but fun at the same time.

We're still trying to find ways to help with home and visiting teaching.  It's such an important program in the church and fellowshipping is the key to missionary work.

We had District Conference this past Sunday over Skype because our District President is in Guadeloupe.  We got to hear from the Presidency over there, President and Sister Mehr and the Area Seventy Elder Gamiette (who was the previous West Indies Mission President).  The translation made it different but the Spirit speaks the same language.

This week we're hoping to have a baptism.  She is an 11-year old girl.  Her mom recently came back to St. Maarten after living in England for some time.  She's very sweet and we're real excited for her.

That's about it for this week!

Much Love, Sister Crompton

Last week's baptism (with the French-speaking missionaries)
Rainbow over St. Maarten
The road we live on (before the repair)
We taught a lesson by this beach at night

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Great Week

This week was really awesome.  There was an investigator who had gone though a LOT of missionaries in the past year.  I taught him for a while when I was with Sister Joseph because she could speak French/Creole and that's exactly what he speaks.  Well, after Sister Joseph left we handed him over to the Elders that speak French and this past week he was finally baptized!  It was good timing  because the mission President arrived that same day and was with us for a few days.

We had Zone conference on Monday and, despite it being a small conference because it was just our island, it was very beneficial.
President and Sister Mehr talked a lot about repentance and our desires.  He shared how our actions show what we truly desire.
We had the opportunity to take Sister Mehr out with us to a lesson and it was truly inspiring to teach and hear from her.
I've truly realized that the Lord has a bunch of miracles waiting to happen for us missionaries and the only thing that prevents from those miracles is ourselves.  It's the same thing with members as well.  There are so many people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel ... we just have to forget ourselves and see the joy that comes from sharing the gospel with others.  This is His work.  We're excited for our baptisms that are coming up this next month.  We have two in the upcoming two weeks!
Oh I almost forgot ... thank you so much for the packages from Tommy, Aunt Kim, Aunt Kelly, and the Burke Ward Primary :)
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Monday, January 13, 2014

Following the Spirit

First let me just shout out and thank all those who sent packages this week!  Thank you the McDevitts (and especially Liam and Erin for the cards!), Mom and Dad, Grandmommy and Grandaddy, and the members of the Burke ward!  Also the Christmas cards from the Ayers and the Tanners!  It does take a while ... but letters and packages do eventually get her to St. Maarten! 

This week was good.  On Tuesday I had taught our Zone Meeting which was new and fun.  I loved the messages and lessons that the mission has us relay to the other missionaries and I just hope I did a good job!

This week I had a strong prompting to bring an older member over to another older member's home.  They both have limitations that prevent them from coming to church, but I knew that they have been good friends for decades so I thought it would be nice for them to see each other (since they hadn't in a few months). It was a nice visit for both of them and I just remember thinking that if I'm that old and lonely, I hope that some nice young kids would carry me over to my best friends house.  Well let me just say that I'm really glad that I followed the prompting because we found out that one of the ladies passed away this morning.  I can't imagine how I would feel if I didn't follow the Spirit.  Like President Monson always says "never delay a prompting!"

This next week we'll have our own Zone Conference here so President and Sister Mehr will be joining us on Sunday at Church and then the conference will be on Monday, so I probably wont be able to write until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sister Tia and I have been working hard on our memorizing as our mission President has asked us to memorize and recite at Zone Conference a whole chapter in the Book of Mormon (I picked 2 Nephi 2), all the Articles of Faith, D&C 31, D&C 121:34-46 while still have to keep in our memory D&C 4 and D&C 20:37. So we have our work cut out for us.

That's about it for this week!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting "Anew"

This week has been dedicated to searching for new investigators.  It's been great because everyone wants a "clean slate" for New Years and to start anew.  I love the Mormon Message about New Years
I had to teach my companion the story of Lot's wife haha and now she's teaching it to everyone!
We had great lessons with members during the last few weeks because most members were off for the holidays.  This past week at church we had to move the Gospel Principles class (the class that all the investigators go to) to a bigger room because there were so many visitors.  It's a good problem to have!!

There isn't that much to mention this week.  We're still finding, teaching and learning.

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

My companion, Sister Tia, from Samoa
Beautiful sunsets here