Monday, December 30, 2013

Staying in St. Maarten!

Transfer calls happened this week and Sister Tia and I are here in St. Maarten together for at least another 6 weeks!

On Saturday we had a baptism and it was really great to see the love and support that the branch demonstrated for this new sister.  We also had a great sacrament meeting at church.  One speaker posed a question that I love -- he challenged all of us to ask ourselves "where do You stand with the Lord?"  I just keep on thinking about that, and how real it will be to see and be with our Heavenly Father again.

We are teaching some really great people and they are coming to church.  I can see that with sincere prayers and fasting the Lord will help us find those who He has prepared to receive this gospel.  It takes faith (combined with LOTS of courage) and obedience to receive these blessings.

This morning we went up the highest point in St. Maarten called "Pic Paradis."  We got up super early to be up there for the sunrise.  When the alarm went off at 5:30 I woke up my companion and she asked me a question I couldn't understand.  I had to ask 3 times before she realized she was speaking her native language, Samoan.  With all these different languages here (French, Spanish, Creole and now Samoan) I don't know how I can keep up! haha

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and that everyone will have a safe and happy New Year!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton
The baptism
 Pic Paradis
St. Maarten sunrise

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