Monday, December 9, 2013

Rainy Week in St. Maarten

Well you might be thinking that I'm living in Paradise and that it's beautiful weather all the time, but I'll have everyone know that it's been so rainy these past couple days.

On Saturday we usually go and clean the church.  This week it was sort of a beautification project and it was POURING rain.  But I guess it was better for Sister Tia and me as we were weeding because the weeds came out easier.  Suffice it to say we were drenched by the end.  You wouldn't think that a former BYU-I student would get cold down here after enduring frigid Rexburg, but it was the first time that I was actually cold.  It was a good service project though and the grounds of the church look a lot better.

The Wrights left this week which was sad, but we had some fun with them during their last English class here which is the free class that we put on as missionaries for finding opportunities.  Most of the students come from Haiti and speak French, and some others come from Dominica and speak Spanish.  I usually work with the Spanish speakers now and I feel for Hermana Crompton who is probably fluent already in Ecuador.

We have an investigator that is working for baptism for the end of December.  Her son is on a mission and it's interesting to see what the parents feel and think about their kids serving while we're away.  She's been coming to church almost every Sunday now and we're excited for her date.

There are a lot of tourists coming in December so traffic is kinda crazy.  Who knew that this tiny island can hold so many people … and most of them aren't even originally from St. Maarten!!

We're having a live Nativity with the Primary kids and the Youth here on the Island that we're all helping out with.  So we hope to be able to have a good amount of investigators and non-members come and enjoy the real meaning of Christmas these holidays.

Everything else has been going good. Oh and thanks to Mom for the little package and the letter from Chelsea!  I love hearing about all the missionaries that are serving from the Annandale Stake, it's awesome!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton
This pretty much sums it all up!!
English class
Me and my companion
Taking a break from the work

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