Monday, November 25, 2013

My New Companion

So this week was a very odd week.  It was sad saying goodbye to Sister Joseph at the airport and despite some difficulties she did end up getting to Tobago safely.  After dropping her off though, we had a few hours where I had to stay at the senior couple's home because there are no other sisters on the island for me to be with while waiting for the new one who was planned to come in a few hours later.  Well, after waiting a while in their apartment we found out that my new companion's flight from SLC was delayed from the MTC and she wasn't coming in until Friday morning which would leave me with 2 days and nights with no companion.
It was a great experience, though, because I spent the time with the Wrights (outgoing senior couple) who had their daughter and son-in-law come in and they showed them around the island.  That night we had shwarma's, which is kind of like a gyro but even better (see picture below).
That night Sister Thompson (the Thompsons are the new senior couple) stayed with me and it was really great to get to know her more.  The whole next day I was with the Thompsons while they were moving in.  I think it was meant to be that Sister Thompson was staying with me the next night because she's a registered nurse and I woke up sick for the first time on my mission.  She thinks I caught some virus that's been going around on the island.  Of course it's the morning that my brand new companion was coming in.  I felt so bad that the first few days on her mission she had to stay inside with her sick trainer.  I'm feeling much better now and am so grateful renewed health.

My new companion, Sister Tia, is awesome.  She's originally from Samoa but grew up in California.  It's been really cool to hear about all of the Samoan traditions and culture.  She is so prepared to be out here and even though we've only had  few lessons because of my illness, we've been able to teach in great unity despite our inability to practice and her newness to the mission.

Our Branch Presidency changed this week and I think that there will be even more miracles happening on this island very soon.  We have such great members here on the island and I'm excited to be working with such amazing spirits.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week.  Thank you Mom for the package and if you haven't gotten my card yet -- Happy belated birthday!  I love you!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Goodbye, Sister Joseph!
St. Maarten missionaries (with senior couple, the Wrights)
A shwarma
A beautiful vista!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Having Peace During Trials

Before I forget, I want to start and give a shout out to Carol Baker and Grandmommy for the letters.  Thank you so much!

This week will be transfers and I'm sad to say bye to Sister Joseph.  She will be going to Tobago and I will be staying in St. Maarten.  All I know is that my new companion is named Sister Tia (I think) and that she's from California.  I also understand that I will be going to Trinidad in a few weeks to do doing training tradeoffs in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The new senior couple (the Thompsons) arrived this week.  We also had a nice visit from the Monsons (not THE Monsons, but another senior couple) from Trinidad who came up here to show us the 2015 celebration presentation -- which is basically a huge celebration to commemorate the West Indies being dedicated for missionary service 25 years ago.

There was a member who passed away this week and while the branch members were helping out with the funeral service etc, I couldn't help but notice their peace and calmness throughout the process. I was comforted in the fact that all of the members had that peace because we are so blessed to know about the Plan of Salvation.  There is life after death and Heavenly Father has prepared a place for all of His children.  I am so grateful for this knowledge and the doctrine that we know to be true.  It truly is amazing.  As I've been studying D&C 59 so much (because we've been asked to teach the Sabbath day to the members) I've come to know how true D&C 59:23 is: "But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come."
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Monday, November 11, 2013

Zone Conference in Guadeloupe

So last Monday we left for Guadeloupe.  It’s beautiful there and I didn’t have much time to take pictures but I snapped a few.  It was really great to meet and reunite with the sisters.
President Mehr asked us to memorize ten scriptures from any chapter we choose.  So the whole week before I had been trying to memorize mine, and Monday night all of us sisters were practicing on ours.  I kept on asking my companion all week if she had hers yet and she said … nope, but don’t worry about me.  Well she’s some sort of genius because she literally looked over her section 30 minutes before her interview and had it completely memorized.  She’s amazing.  I picked 2 Nephi 2:3-11, 14.  And we’ll be memorizing and reciting 10 new scriptures every zone conference from now on.
The conference was for Guadeloupe, St. Maarten and Martinique.  So pretty much everyone there except for me spoke fluent French.  I probably felt like Hermana Kallina Crompton when she first entered the MTC in Mexico.  I had no idea what people were saying.  I could understand a few things but my phrase for the whole conference was “je ne comprend pas” or “je comprends un petit francais”
The conference was good and we learned a lot of great teaching skills to implement.  There are only 6 of us sisters.  The Guadeloupe ones are Sister Hawkes (yes my old FHE sister from BYU-I) and Stahle and the Martinique sisters are Sister Bouchaut and her temp companion Sister Occolier.  So that night all of them were fluent French speakers and they were trying to see what I understood.  It was pretty entertaining for them, ha.
Guadeloupe is very … Frenchy.  The toilet paper is pink and there are flower and bakery places everywhere.  Sister Hawkes make us crepes the next morning for breakfast … yum.
I was able to do some training and then be trained to learn French during their language study.
We went out with the Guadeloupe sisters after the Martinique sisters had left and I got my dream to ride bikes with Sister Hawkes.  It’s amazing and a little difficult how the gospel is the same but the people are so different on every island, so I tried to learn to adapt to their general concerns and questions fast.  It was cool to experience the teaching in Guadeloupe even though I had to be translated to every 2 minutes.  Maybe one day I’ll learn French.

Later that day we went to the church where Elder Gamiette and Sister Mehr had a fireside for the 2015 Celebration, which will celebrate 25 years since the Caribbean was dedicated for missionary work.
We flew back early the next morning and even though our week was short we had some lessons and even extended a baptismal date for an investigator whose son is on a mission in Haiti now.  We’ve been working with her for quite some time and the Lord really does soften hearts and bless the families of serving missionaries.  It’s amazing.
On Sunday we taught the 3 hour of primary and it’s an interesting experience trying to teach 7-10 year olds about the Sabbath day.  We mentioned how we refrain from doing chores like sweeping the floor and one kid yells out “my mom NEVER sweeps the floor, even on days in the week!”  It was really funny.  We are getting ready for another senior couple to come to the island, the Thompsons, so I guess you’ll hear more next week!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
The Guadeloupe Zone Conference 
The St. Maarten, Guadeloupe and Martinique Sisters
Me and my companion, Sister Joseph
Some of the vistas in Guadeloupe

Riding bikes

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day of Service

Well this week was pretty exciting.  It was the International Day of Service for church members in the Caribbean.  We were fortunate to volunteer for two different projects.  We helped finish painting an Elementary school (some of the primary kids actually attend the school) and we also picked up some trash on one of the beaches to help out with the nature foundation.
The beach needed some cleaning to help out with the turtles who've been nesting for some time, and the trash was in the way of them getting to the ocean when they hatch.  I came late so I only saw one little turtle, but it was cool to see how they just go straight into the ocean when they hatch.
It was great to see us come together and the members here are quite amazing.  We'll be going off to Guadeloupe in a little bit for zone conference, so I don't have much time.
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Our service vests
Ward members helping to clean up the beach
Newly hatched turtle
Turtle eggs