Monday, October 7, 2013

Staying in St. Maarten!

We'll we got transfer calls last night.  Sister Joseph and I will be staying here in St. Maarten together.  The only shocker about this coming transfer is the fact that I've been called to be the "Sister Training Leader" for St. Maarten, Guadeloupe and Martinique. I'm definitely nervous about the fact that I'll be training these sisters when I myself still need some training, haha.  But suffice it to say I'm putting a LOT of my trust in the Lord to assist me with helping these sisters.

This weekend was General Conference and, like always, it was amazing.  I couldn't help but think that a year ago on Sunday I was sitting in the Conference Center listening to the talks while my mind was still in shock from the previous day's announcement.  Something that I learned in seminary was to write down questions that I have at the moment right before conference and try to receive answers from the prophet and apostles ... it works every time!  I especially loved all the talks about member missionary work (hint hint), especially Elder Ballard's.

Also shout out and thanks to Aunt Kim for sending me the dress -- my favorite color :)!

We were happy to have our investigator who's getting baptized this month come to 3 out of the 4 conference sessions (and this was her first time hearing about conference ... she's a rockstar!)

It's amazing that we're able to have a living prophet today and apostles.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity we have to hear them.  There were many great talks and I noticed in a lot of them they were simply talking about keeping the commandments.  This gospel is so simple and that's what makes it difficult for people.  But as long as we stay true to the principles, we will be truly happy.

Much Love,

Sister Crompton

 The chapel in St. Maarten
 My sneaky companion, Sister Joseph
Our awesome investigator


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