Monday, October 21, 2013

People Are Being Prepared

This week has been very busy but very eventful.  There was a fire in our area down the road that burned up a place where over 120 people lived.  Everyone was able to get out safely, but many lost everything.  A few days after the fire we helped the Red Cross organize clothes and things for those who have lost all their things.
This week was also very exciting because one of our investigators was baptized.  Her sister is a member and it's been amazing to see her testimony and knowledge of the gospel grow.  We're so happy for her and excited to be working with even more of her immediate family.  The Lord truly is preparing people for us and it's just up to us to be obedient and faithful enough to find them.
Yesterday we did a little devotional for the youth that volunteer for the Red Cross.  About 20 kids were there and it was a great opportunity for us to share what the church teaches in the For the Strength of Youth.  We showed some of the videos from the lds youth site and it went really well. The teens were very open with us and had a lot of great questions.  I overheard some girl say to her friend, "this church sounds really cool" (mission accomplished).
We are still seeing benefits and miracles coming from teaching members about the Law of the Fast and the Sabbath.  I can really see how the Lord simply wants us to be happy and has provided laws for us to obtain those blessings.  It's all up to us to act for ourselves and receive them.
Oh, this week we also met a new friend (see monkey below :)
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Our new friend
The baptism this week
The chapel spire in St. Maarten
(Editor's Note: Sister Crompton did not forward the following photographs with this week's blog entry; however, she did download a large batch of images from her first few months in St. Vincent.  I thought I'd share a few of those for your enlightenment and entertainment!)
The St. Vincent landscape
Yes ... it's a chicken's foot

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