Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Week of Service

This week has been a great week of service.  We've focused on serving the members, investigators and the community.  We helped some people clean and organize their houses.  One even asked me for service and wanted me to cut her hair because she said that "I looked like someone who can cut hair."  Haha.  She's loving her new cut.   I'm sure that she's glad that we're in her area.  I can't imagine watching an 18 year old Elder try and cut hair!

We also went to a Foster Home to have a little devotional.  The kids ranged in ages from 3-16 years old.  We sang songs, taught them " I am a Child of God," and hand symbols to help them remember the 10 commandments.  We also talked about some of the things mentioned in the Strength for Youth.  The kids were VERY energetic and sweet.  We're hoping to come again to talk especially to the teenagers who weren't there (ages ranging from 13-18 years).

President Mehr asked us to teach members here about the Law of the Fast.  We taught a member about a month and a half ago, and we were fasting especially for missionary opportunities.  We've been teaching her sister ever since and now she is being baptized on Saturday.  We're really excited for her and it's been an amazing experience to teach and see the blessings of helping families come closer together.  Another great benefit is that the member makes amazing food (see curry below) and has even taught us to cook some Guyanese dishes :)

We're now teaching many about the keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and are excited to see the blessings that will come out of the branch because of it.

I hope everything is going well with everyone who reads this.  I know that the Lord loves us and answers our specific prayers.

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Our last district meeting before the end of the transfer
A curry dish made by one of our members
Signs at a member's home about no peeing in the pool!  haha

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