Monday, August 19, 2013

Branch Meeting and Activity

This week was pretty fun!  We had our first branch coordination meeting with our newly called branch mission leader.  Hopefully this is a good first step to lots of success.  Because there aren't any other sisters on the island and we don't have much experience or training under our belts, we shadowed the Zone Leaders on the Island and were able to learn a LOT and put it into practice.
We had a branch activity for the primary kids (and had a bouncy castle), but everyone was invited.  We even had an investigator come and all the adults played dominoes, which is a game that I've yet to actually learn (mostly because it's used to gamble here in St. Vincent ... haha).
We've had some pretty cool experiences this week.  One of them was when Sister Bratt and I had two of our last appointments for the night fall through.  I had a random thought to visit one of our member's sisters, who we haven't seen in a while (we weren't sure how interested she was).  We went and called inside to see if she was home and the dad pops out of the window amazed and excitingly says, "I was just asking her if the missionaries had seen us recently or if you were never coming back" and right after he said that they heard our voices outside calling in.  They all just paused and were surprised.
We also went to another investigator and after she finished a chapter we had her read, she told us she had a dream (which happens a lot down here) that we were there along with members of a church she used to go to, and one of the other members said that he's been wondering if we should combine the churches because they teach similar stuff, but he knows our church is true and has the priesthood.  It was pretty cool to hear.  It probably doesn't sound as cool in writing ... sorry.
We had the same member referral who came to an activity come to church and he liked it a lot!  He loves the missionaries and even came with us this morning to climb the mountain, La Soufreire (which is about an hour or so van drive!).  Below are some pictures.  It was very foggy like last time and even though we got soaking wet, it was a lot of fun!
The Lord has answered lots of prayers this week and I'm so grateful to be out here and experiencing these things.  This week we find out about transfers -- so if you are planning to write letters, hold that thought and don't send them until next week to see if I have a new address :)

Much Love,

Sister Crompton
Branch activity
Playing dominoes
Preparing to climb La Soufreire
Fog on the mountain


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