Monday, July 15, 2013


(Editors Note:  Sister Crompton was informed that she will be in St. Vincent another 6 weeks, so -- if anyone wants to write her -- they should write her soon since the mail takes so long.  Her address is:  Sister Katelyn Crompton, c/o Elder Brent Bird, P.O. Box 601, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, VC0100.)
This week was short but it was good.  After being locked in for Carnival, it was really great to get out and get back to work.
The first day out we went to an investigator who knew what we were teaching was true and she was really great.  We went to see her and she opened up the door and said, " I had a dream that I should give this Book of Mormon back to you and I don't think that I should be seeing you anymore."  My heart almost sank but we decided to just sit down and hear her out.  We told to just talk to us for this lesson and if she decided that she still felt the same way that we wouldn't come back.  So we talked and we were able to teach her about the Spirit and compare the things she felt from when we were with her and when she was reading the scriptures to the feeling she felt after her dream.  (BTW- people have a LOT of dreams down here, one of our members says that he knows if any of his daughters is with child when he has a dream that he's fishing and he catches a certain fish, and he says it has happened with all of his grandchildren)  Long story short, she decided that she knew these things were true and that she wanted to continue on with out lessons.

We've also had some great success with member referrals.  One of them told us randomly that he felt it was time to come to our church to see how everything is supposed to go.  So we're pretty excited.

Sister Bratt and I learned how to make doughboy (pronounced doo-boi) from some members in the ward (see pictures below) it was really fun, even though it's just bread, it has coconut that you have to grind and it's real good.  Next week we plan to show them how to make chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday for Young Womens they had a water balloon fight!  It was pretty awesome.  Sister Holden got really wet!  Luckily, I was free from water because I had the camera (good tactic).

This weekend was exciting because Elder Gamiete came (he was the old mission president) and he came to our branch and to the seminary and institute graduation.  Something I noticed was that he never ceased to encourage the members.  He encouraged us in the branch, and kept on encouraging the students.  Chontel, the one member from the Calliaqua Branch that did institute, was recognized for her course completion.
This next week Elder Cornish and President Mehr (the mission president) are coming to the island so we're real excited.  For you avid blog watchers, there won't be a post until later on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Much Love,

Sister Crompton

Making "doughboy"

It started as a water balloon fight ...

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