Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Luck Kallina!

This week we've been working a lot with our members!  Ever since Elder Cornish and President Mehr came, all the members are getting to realize that member work is how this work will hasten.
We had a FHE with one of our members and they came up with ideas on how they will invite their friends to hear the Gospel.  We had another friend of our recent convert come to church this Sunday, so we're definitely seeing the fruits of member work.
We've been helping with the humanitarian container that came in from the church organizing shoes and clothes, it's been very entertaining seeing all the old EFY shirts and clothes from the DI and old Zupas work shirts ... I wonder which state theses clothes came from ... haha.
Heads up to any future WIM missionaries that are reading this, President Mehr made a new rule where we can only listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir and classical music so be sure to get rid of the awesome EFY songs you planned to bring.
I guess the biggest news for the family this week from the Crompton family is that Kallina is leaving for her mission to Ecuador.  I wish I was there so see her leave, but I'm so excited for you Kallina!  This is amazing work and you're gunna tear it up down there.
Don't have much time.
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Tess in a bucket 
St. Vincent money 
Youth members built their own cart
One of the girls has wild hair ... haha
Our mutual activity -- making braceletes
Views of Bequia

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