Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching Up ...

(Editors note:  Sister Crompton did not have Internet access last week, so there is not a blog entry for June 24th)

I don't have much time this week but I'll start with a funny story ...
We were talking to a guy who had turned his life around and when he was young, he was in jail a few times.  We were talking about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and we asked if they were allowed to have scriptures in jail.  He said "ohhhh yessss!!!  We loved getting bibles in jail."  He later explained that they didn't read very much of the Bible, but that they would use the papers from the Bible to use to smoke.  He said " I smoked out half of Luke in jail!!" hah
He is now a very nice Christian guy and has completely turned around.  I guess that just goes to show you what happens when you actually READ what's inside the scriptures.
We've been finding a lot of new people this week.  Unfortunately we've had to drop a couple so we're starting fresh.  We've had a lot of luck so far and are really excited about a few new investigators.
Last week we went to our Branch President's house in Sandy Bay which is the VERY top of St. Vincent.  He showed us his garden and we had a real nice visit.  On the way back we went to an abandoned shipwreck that's over 150 years old. 
We watched the "Work for Salvation" this week and it was very inspirational and motivating.  If you are a member and haven't seen it, I encourage you to!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton
Our Branch President showing off his garden
Visiting the abandoned shipwreck

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