Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For all those who were dying for my post on Monday (Mom and Dad) ... unfortunately, we weren't able to go to town to do e-mails.  This week was the infamous CARNIVAL that the West Indians talk about year round.  It's only two days but the people who "play" carnival are pretty much dressed with even less clothing than the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  So of course the missionaries had to stay inside Monday and Tuesday.

This past week was actually really good.  We've been having a lot of success with member missionary work.  We had an investigator who we've been teaching for a while finally understand priesthood authority.  We've been teaching it to her over and over again, and the time we decided to move on to a whole other topic, she finally understood.  She is neighbors with a member and the next day she came to church.  She is a pretty quiet person and it was fast Sunday so I was surprised when she decided to go up and share her testimony.  It was really awesome.  She talked about what she was reading in Nephi and the members loved it! The next day (Carnival Monday) we had a Movie Marathon at the church, to give them something else to do rather than think about going to Carnival and she came to that as well!  We also had another family come that we're teaching to the Movie Marathon.  We played the "Work and the Glory" and the Emma Smith movie and it was really great because now they have a lot of good questions about our prophet today.
I never realized this before as a member of the church, but us members have a huge impact of the people around us and it's so important to be as inviting and open to talk about the gospel. Next week is Transfers so we'll see what happens!
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

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