Monday, June 17, 2013

The Work Moves Forward!

This week was pretty awesome!  On Wednesday, Sister Bratt and I taught our new "bible" class (Bible and Book of Mormon).  It was still in her first full week and she did a great job!  She's enjoying all the different fruits here and this week we bought our first "big buff" mango (they're huge).
There was a man who called Elder Bird and asked for directions for the church.  He was in our area and so Elder Bird gave us his number thinking he was an investigator, well it turns out he's a member!  He's from Nigeria and is here going to medical school!  He's pretty awesome and we're excited to meet other members from different parts of the world!

The most exciting part of our week was our investigator's baptism!  It was very sweet.  She's been our investigator for a couple months and now her and her daughter are members!  They really are such a special family and a gift to us.  They were so prepared to hear the gospel and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that we had to meet them and be apart of their conversion.  This gospel really changes lives and it's amazing to be apart of it.  She's been around the church on and off for a while now and it just goes to show that the little things that us members do really does make a difference to those who we may not think aren't interested.

I don't have much time and hopefully I'll upload some pictures but I did want to give a shout out to Beth and Mama C for the letters!  They were awesome and uplifting and be expecting some soon!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton

Beauty of St. Vincent
Huge mangoes
Gigantic fruit
The group for the baptism
Our investigator
The baptism

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