Monday, June 3, 2013

Seeing Success

I feel like I say that every week is exciting, but I guess when you're a missionary there is no other word to describe the work!
Thursday was Sister Forbes' birthday.  The Birds are the best missionary couple on the planet because they took us to Young Island where the food was delicious, the beach looked amazing (and tempting) and the atmosphere was so Caribbean.  It felt like we were in a completely different world.  Elder and Sister Bird really are the best.  Afterards they showed us the St. Vincent parrot near their apartment -- it's called the Amazona Guildingii.  But back to to the work ...
The Elders had a very beautiful baptism on Saturday, we're seeing a lot of success in the Calliaqua branch, just baptisms after baptisms. We have an investigator who will be baptized in two weeks, so we're excited for that!
I also got some other good news, I'll be training this next transfer! My Trainee is Sister Bratt (the a has two dots above it).  She is from Rexburg Idaho!  Woohoo ... BYUI ... haha ... but I'm excited to meet her.  That's all I know about her, oh and she's 20!  So the young ones keep on coming :)
This week Sister Forbes and I taught the "Bible Class" (Book of Mormon AND Bible Class) that the missionaries started to have investigators come and learn more about the Bible and Book of Mormon. This is the 2nd week that we've been doing it so we're hoping that it'll grow and some of our new investigators will come.
Everything else has been going great, we're excited for this next week!

Much Love,
Sister Crompton
 The baptism of Brother Carter in Canash Bay

 My first attempt at making Breadfruit and Codfish (local dish here)

"Shout out" to my sister, Kallina!

An Amazona Guildingii parrot

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