Monday, May 6, 2013


This week has been VERY busy and full of UPs and DOWNs 
(but hey, there is opposition in ALL things right?)
Last week we were able to contact someone who attended the baptism and she said she wanted to meet with us.
She's a mother of 2 girls (one 4 and one 10) and after meeting with them twice, they already want to be baptized! The 10 year old is a firecracker and is SOO excited to get baptized, she said she's been waiting to get baptized for a LONG time (and she's only ten! haha)
They came to church yesterday and it's amazing how prepared they are to receive this gospel! 
We ran into a Jehova's Witness and he tried to give us trouble, but I've come to learn that they can fight with scriptures all they want but as soon as we bear our testimony and the Spirit is there, they can't say a word. It just goes to show how the Holy Ghost can witness truth to ALL people.
We've been pretty busy this week becuase we are getting ready for Zone Conference in Barbados!
And if my 1st semester FHE family was wondering (Freddie, Derrick, Derek, Catie, Louisa, Gabbi, Rachel, Sam, you know who you are) YES that is where Katrina Hawkes is and YES I will see her, crazy right?!
We're both REALLY excited to say the least.
I've learned how important timing is EVERYTHING and everything happens for a reason and how the Lord is expecting us to learn at ALL times, especially when things are going rough.
He humbles us so we can open our eyes and learn from what's going on around us. 
Like my bishop told said back in my first week out at school 
"the more uncomfortable we are, the more willing we are to learn"- Bishop England
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

A member made a St. Vincent specialty for us last night, roasted breadfruit and salt fish!

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