Monday, April 15, 2013

Teefing plums :)

This week was pretty great! we've been able to teach a lot of great investigators and were able to even have one come to church this week!
It's hot down here like always and I'm starting to get a serious missionary tan. We try and do a lot of service because everyone is always outside washing clothes, hanging them up, etc. so we've been working a lot. We were able to do service for a neighbour who works on one of the grenadine islands, Mustique, which is an island for the rich and famous. Apparently, a few weeks ago Prince William and Kate were there. She was able to tell us a little bit about it and it's crazy how some of the islanders travel back and forth by boat or plane everyday to get to their jobs on the grenadine islands.
We also had a fun mutual that Sister Holden put on about missionary work. She had all the missionaries in the branch come and talk a little bit about what we do, it was great to talk to the youth and encourage them to serve!
Every season there is a different tropical fruit that is popular and right now, plum season is just coming about. There has been a lot of "teefing" ( teef=theif aka stealing) of plums from Sister Forbes and the little kids. The Plums here are very small and don't really taste like our plums.
I don't have much time but know that the Lord does bless us and answers even the smallest of prayers. 
Sister Crompton

Ronique "teefing"  some plums from the neighbors tree

Fish face
the Holden's back this real life?

Delano, a young member, climbing, looking for plums
Molicia and Delroy

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