Monday, April 22, 2013

Crompton and Forbes for another 6 weeks!

First off, I want to thank Grandmommy and Grandaddy for the card and also the Ericksons and everyone in the Burke ward who signed the card as well!
This week was pretty interesting because we got our transfer calls. The past 6 weeks I've been lucky enough to have a temp companion because there was a shortage of girls. Ronique is a native here in St. Vincent who is waiting on her mission call. On Friday night we got a phone call and she was asked if she wanted to do another 6 weeks with me! Yes, so we will be serving together for another 6 weeks! She'll have served 3 months before she even goes on her own mission, crazy right?!

Story time:
This week we took out a member that hasn't been out with us before.We had set up appointments for her to meet some really great investigators. The hour before we were going to pick up the member ALL of our appointments fell through. We started calling EVERYONE we were teaching and no one was able to see us. Our member lives pretty far and we didn't want her to come out all this way with no lesson. It wasn't until after we had picked her up when someone finally called us back and said we could come. She lives high up in the mountain and on our drive up, it started pouring rain. Our normal parking space that we use before the long walk up was taken so we were desperately finding somewhere else to park knowing that we already had a long walk up. We almost got stuck trying to park and none of us had an umbrella. There was a point when we were out in the rain and we just felt completely hopeless. Our investigator called us and told us that we shouldn't come because the path to get to her house was too muddy and steep to walk up. Keep in mind we had a member with us and she was waiting patiently for a lesson. After the phone call ended, the rain started to calm and a guy came out to help us. We got the car out and found out that this guy had recently researched our church and had already learned a lot and was willing to learn more. 
Moral of the story is that the Lord will always provide a way for us, even when we feel like we've done everything and the door is locked, He will come and show us a new door.
The Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes He will humble us so we can open our eyes and see what He wants us to do.

I hope that everyone and everything else is going well with everyone
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

P.S. There's a lot of pictures I have for this week but I left my adapter at'll just have to wait till next week, sorry!

***updated with pics***

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