Monday, April 29, 2013

another week

Well we started off this week with a really cool District Meeting.
My District Leader told all of us to pick a Christlike Attribute and give a 5 min talk on it.
I picked Diligence because even though it sounds cliche, the Lord definitely works by small and simple things and it's only when WE do the small and simple things daily (read scriptures, pray, all the "sunday school" answers) that we can endure to the end.
I know that this sounds super lame but it's true but it really is they key to success.
Anyways the rest of this week was VERY busy. We taught  A LOT of people. We had 2 investigators come to church and they were both Young Women age. 
Ronique and I ended up teaching the youth Sunday school class on Sunday so it all worked out. The class was VERY interesting..let's just say that i have GREAT respect for all persons who teach teenagers...
The branch had another baptism on Sunday and it was very nice.
Yesterday after church we taught a family with three young girls who were all close in age and all pretty wild (I hope that doesn't sounds familiar mom...) They are known to teef plums and mangos from the neighbors tree and give them to us :)
somehow the oldest one got a hold of my camera and we were playing around with it (see below)
I hope that everything at home and everyone else is doing well
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

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