Monday, March 4, 2013

Young Island and La SouFriere

So last week for P-day the Birds were amazing and took us to have lunch at Young Island
It is like a 15-20 minute boat ride. It was soo nice
It's this super nice resort and it's NOTHING like real St. Vincent but it was really nice and we had a good time
So because last Monday was a full moon, Sis Fish took me to see the Spa
it's not the kind of spa that we're used to... the spa is just a pipe of water where the people in Belair get water but when there is a full moon, something happens to the water and it tastes fizzy like seltzer water but it's all natrual
We also had a "special" district meeting at the Bird's and Sis Bird was so nice and made Elder Peck and I birthday hats because our birthdays were this month
This morning we hiked the volcano La Soufriere.
There are two different hikes, the hard one and the easy one..we decided to take the easy one..but it was pretty hard, i'm just calling it the easier hike. I almost biffed it like 4 times.
As far as work goes, it's been okay.
We don't have too many investigators right now so we've been doing a lot of finding. We did have an interesting experience last night with one of our investigators
She has a 3 year old daughter with her fiance and last night we decided to go visit her and the first thing she said when we came was that she was in a bad mood and she had a bad day. She was saying how she's leaving her fiance and taking her kid with her
we didn't want to ask too much but she was really interested to know how our day at church was and asked what we talked about, she asked about the music we sang in church and so we sang her I Stand All Amazed. She was really touched and it was just an amazing experience because we were telling her how much Christ loves her and how there is NOTHING that we can't get through without him.
It was pretty amazing
but here are some pics from this week :)

Young Island

The birthday kids
 At the very top

 the picture above is a recent converts teaching record that I thought was interesting...


  1. Kaitlyn, I am not sure i understood the journal entry that you commented on. I read your comment and then read further up from the last entry. Did he do this? Anyway, are you sure you are on a mission. You look like you are having way too much fun! I think it is awesome.

  2. Kaitlyn, I love following your blog. What an amazing mission! Seriously! And about the journal entry, please be careful. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. LOVE the pictures!