Monday, March 18, 2013


Well this week was transfers, shout out to Sister Fish, it was sad to see you go but I know that you're having a blast
 and I got my new companion, Ronique :) 
Ronique is a temporary companion and is in the process of putting in her papers to serve a mission.
She was baptized a few years ago and has been going out with the missionaries for a while now. She's a really good teacher and it's been great because we're both new missionaries and are so excited to go everywhere in our area that we haven't been (which is basically everywhere)
Because we want to get to know the area more, we've been doing a LOT of finding and using different finding ideas, shout out to Tommy for making that book for me for Christmas, we've been using it a LOT
and for all those RM's reading this, if you have any amazing finding ideas or techniques, shoot an e-mail and enlighten us :)
We've found a few good new potential investigators already and this past week we were able to bring up a concern with a long time investigator so hopefully we'll see some progress soon
Much Love, 
Sister Crompton

 our last DM :( sad to see some go 

The name of a van, that we though was funny (simba?)

Sister Forbes (Ronique) and I ( and a primary kid photobombing us)

 Roniques "sunday lunch"
macaroni pie, mashed potatoes, meat, her salad (potatoes, mayonnaise and carrots) and a little bit of my salad (actual veggies..)

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