Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodbye FIsh!

Everything was going pretty smooth this week until last night when we had a little visitor in our study room...

yeah, he's HUGE.
it's hard to describe his size, but he's basically the size of my hand (including the length of his legs) 
so for all of you who think that i'm serving in paradise..I want you to keep things like THIS in mind haha.
Other than our "little" friend, this week has been going great.

It's Sister Fish's last week here so we've been going around getting pictures of members and videos of their testimonies. I'll try and put some pictures up at the end. So yes, transfers are happening this week and I am "training" a temporary sister who is a native here on St. Vincent. Her name is Ronique and I'm really excited to serve with her. She's in the process of turning in her papers so hopefully she'll get her call this transfer.
Much Love,
Sis Crompton

Here are some pics we got this week of members :)

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