Monday, February 4, 2013

Goodbye Utah, Hello St. Vincent!

Hey Everyone!
So it's been pretty crazy these past few days. We flew out early morning on Monday (4 AM!) and didn't get to Trinidad until around 10-11pm. It was a long day to say the least. On Tuesday we stayed with some sisters in Trinidad and had a little orientation for our mission and went out with those sisters the whole day. The next day I flew out here to St. Vincent. Apparently, they filmed a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean here, other than that I didn't know much about it. It's beautiful here in St.Vincent, the weather is so nice but it can get really hot at times. There's two branches here in St. Vincent and we're in the the Calliaqua branch. The church is very new here and we've been told that our biggest role here is to help establish the church in St. Vincent, most of the members here are only converts for a little bit. Our branch president has only been a member for like 5-6 years. Most of our area is in the country so we're walking super steep hills everyday. I'm pretty positive that besides the tourists here, we are the ONLY white people on this island haha. The other day we were our "finding" and there were a bunch of kids in the area. They all started coming up to us and hugging us and touching us. I didn't really get why except for when we were leaving, one girl yelled out and said "goodbye white people!". Sister Fish was telling me that the only time kids really see white people is when they're watching T.V. so they think we're like celebrities or something. One misconception that was in the mission call was the fact that it said English speaking...they do NOT speak English here. They speak's actually really hard to understand. I feel like they're speaking in another language when we're talking to people. Sister Fish has to stop and translate for me every once in a while. They don't use their H's here. It's "tanks!" instead of thanks, "teef" instead of thief, "fader" instead of father. Also if it's night time and you greet someone they say goodnight. Which when you think about it, makes sense but it was kind of weird for me to hear for the first time when someone called us the first thing he said was "goodnight!". Everyone drives on the other side of the road here which I've actually gotten used to already, but the roads here are SOO small. There will be one small road and it'll be a two way road...but it makes it so all the drivers are aware I guess. Oh they also don't have big buses, trucks, or any large vehicles here. They just have these huge vans that people use for transportation, even the ambulances and emergency vehicles are all just bigger cars because the roads are so small. The transport vehicles are kind of cool because they all have crazy names to attract attention, I'll try and post one up. I haven't tried any crazy food here yet, they have a LOT of good fruit here. We ate some sour-sop, which is a fruit here that is green and has spikes and I can't really describe it other than is taste like skittles. Well I don't have much time and I'll try and post some pictures like always :)
Much Love,
Sister Crompton

PS. because the mail here takes forever we are allowed to e-mail friends too! So if you want to holler e-mail me at
here are some pics

 Utah vs. St. Vincent

A member gave us cocoanuts to drink out of in Trinidad
Our apartment view :)

Oh, and it rains here A LOT!
What everyone uses for transportation

 what most of the houses look like
 Me and my companion Sister Fish!

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