Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Ready to Leave the MTC

[Editor’s Note: “P-day” is a preparation day.  It is one day a week that the missionaries are allowed to focus on administrative/personal needs rather than full-time mission work.  “District” is a grouping of missionary companionships.  In the field they are grouped by local geography.  At the Missionary Training Center (MTC), they are grouped by language.]

Hey everyone!

You might be wondering: "Why is Katelyn writing to us when she just wrote on Tuesday?" "Is she breaking the rules?" "Is she being disobedient already?!"  Don't worry; I'm not breaking any rules!  We got special permission to write e-mails today because we are leaving for Trinidad on Monday morning at 4am.  Yes mom and dad, that means I WILL be calling from the airport early in the morning -- don't get too excited.

Our P-day is on Tuesday and because we are the only two missionaries from our district leaving this week, we were told that we could do our laundry and write a quick e-mail today.  We were actually told this week that the MTC was surprised by the fact that Sister Edmonds and I came here with only a two week assignment, and so they had to totally change their curriculum for our district just for us.

It's been a crazy week and a half and I already can't believe that I'm leaving the MTC.  My teachers, Bro Parkinson and Bro Wright and district are awesome and I'm super sad to be leaving them.  I've learned so much this week and it's been quite a bit of a roller coaster.  Our teachers role play as investigators that they had on their mission.  Some lessons are great and some are not so great, but we are learning and growing and that's what's important, right?

On Tuesday we went to the temple and, yes Kallina, we were at the temple the SAME TIME and yes Sister Edmonds is the only other one in the MTC going to the West Indies and her brother goes to BYU – so it was probably him in your class, you should tell him!  The reason I know that we are the only two ones here going to the West Indies is because when we got our itineraries I saw that I had an extra paper attached to mine and it said that I was the TRAVEL LEADER of EVERYONE going to the West Indies. I felt all important and responsible until I saw the back where it would show all the missionaries going ... and it was just us two, haha.  It probably doesn't sound funny but we were cracking up.

The temple was awesome and so was devotional.  It was kind of sad that it was our ONLY P-day we were going to have here, but we're excited to leave.  We got quite a few more sisters this past Wednesday here at the MTC.  Tell Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark that I ran into Lindsey today (also thanks soooo much for the package and the delicious cookies! My teacher and district say thanks!).  Lindsey told me that she's not even doing the two week program yet, so everyone is still surprised about why we are here for only two weeks.  We may never know but it's pretty interesting.

Oh, I also want to give a shout out to Kallina for the awesome package full of goodies :) and Derrick, Louisa, Cody, Molly, Mom and Dad for the Dear Elder letters (keep an eye out for letters this next week). They really make my day.  If you want to send me letters, you're going to have to wait until I get down there because I don't know my address yet.  If you send them to my mission office, I may or may not be on the same island so it's best to wait.

Well I don't have much time to write because I want to add some pictures of this week.  I have no idea when my next e-mail will be so don't be TOO devastated if you don't get an e-mail this week.  I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well.
Much Love,

Sister Crompton

Me and Sister Edmonds

Us and other girls from our district going to the temple :)
Provo Temple
Elders from our district gracefully walking haha

Kallina's awesome package

Our district :)

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