Sunday, December 30, 2012

insta-update :)

 Saying bye to the burg was bittersweet

Louisa's wedding was wonderful, She is gorgeous and I was so happy to be apart of their wedding :)

Being back home the first night is always a little weird, it was even weirder knowing that I wasn't going back to school this time. I was stoked to see some old friends from high school, always fun :)
It didn't take long for us to be reunited (two days after being home..)

 Christmas was good this year, my presents consisted of a mini preach my gospel, a laminated Plan of Salvation made by my awesome brother, and just random stuff for the mish.

 not an instagram, but better :)
Some QT with beth 

Then came the receptions
I drove down to Stafford for Cherie and Louisa's receptions. They were fun, I was just glad to be reunited with these tricks again.

Yesterday was a pretty incredible day. It was the day that I went inside the temple. It was unforgettable and I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family that were able to be there to support and comfort me. The temple is an amazing place and I can't wait to go back again

SO, that's what I've been up to :)

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