Thursday, November 1, 2012

what my halloween looked like

Alice and Kim K

Check out that bootayy

Kim and Kanye (paparazzi shot) #Kimye

I repeated my costume from 2 years ago (DON'T JUDGE)
I was Alice, Gabbi was Kim and Fred was Kanye

Events of the night
  • got ready for FOREVER
  • turned Gabbi Pericle into a Kardashian
  • went to party #1 (for a total of .2 seconds)
  • went to party #2 (got our groove on)
  • went to Sammy's (purely to show off our costumes)
  • went back to party #2 (more grooving occurred)
  • won $50 for a costume contest?!
  • watched a movie
  • passed out
All in all it was a good night, I hope everyone else had a good halloween :)

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