Tuesday, November 6, 2012

weekend update: sleep

you know how during the week, you work really hard thinking "it's okay, I'll be able to get some sleep this weekend, it'll be worth it"
well, I never really got that sleep
most of it is my fault...
it's what I get for staying up late Friday night and then going to spin at 10am, followed by two photo shoots back to back 
{if you want to see them, check them out HERE :) }
AND not being able to sleep in on Sunday
it's okay though
I wouldn't be able to appreciate the joy of sleep if I didn't experience the lack of sleep (bright side)
anyways, that was my weekend
Right now, I'm really excited because some BIG things are going to be happening soon :)
AND as much as I love Rexburg... I'm going down to Utah this weekend to get away (so pumped)
I don't have any pictures to document this weekend so I'll leave you all an embarrassing picture of my childhood
guess who the nerd on the left is

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