Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Assignment: Still Life

First time ever doing still life 
here are some of my faves

late night uploading

A few weeks ago we shot some footage of us fooling around in the grocery store and in apartment complexes
I JUST finished editing happens
enjoy :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

NEW Photography Website!!

If you haven't noticed, I have stopped uploading pictures from my portrait sessions on this blog
I've been having some great sessions these past couple weeks and decided that I need to separate my blogging life from my portraits
You can now see my portrait work in the link below 

go ahead and check me out

that is all for now :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

weekend update: sleep

you know how during the week, you work really hard thinking "it's okay, I'll be able to get some sleep this weekend, it'll be worth it"
well, I never really got that sleep
most of it is my fault...
it's what I get for staying up late Friday night and then going to spin at 10am, followed by two photo shoots back to back 
{if you want to see them, check them out HERE :) }
AND not being able to sleep in on Sunday
it's okay though
I wouldn't be able to appreciate the joy of sleep if I didn't experience the lack of sleep (bright side)
anyways, that was my weekend
Right now, I'm really excited because some BIG things are going to be happening soon :)
AND as much as I love Rexburg... I'm going down to Utah this weekend to get away (so pumped)
I don't have any pictures to document this weekend so I'll leave you all an embarrassing picture of my childhood
guess who the nerd on the left is

Thursday, November 1, 2012

what my halloween looked like

Alice and Kim K

Check out that bootayy

Kim and Kanye (paparazzi shot) #Kimye

I repeated my costume from 2 years ago (DON'T JUDGE)
I was Alice, Gabbi was Kim and Fred was Kanye

Events of the night
  • got ready for FOREVER
  • turned Gabbi Pericle into a Kardashian
  • went to party #1 (for a total of .2 seconds)
  • went to party #2 (got our groove on)
  • went to Sammy's (purely to show off our costumes)
  • went back to party #2 (more grooving occurred)
  • won $50 for a costume contest?!
  • watched a movie
  • passed out
All in all it was a good night, I hope everyone else had a good halloween :)