Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend update: richmond

Friday : made these (no milk or egg) cookies for cyd's clothing swap party!
went to the party
stayed late talking to cydney and got amazing photography advice :)
Saturday: woke up early and drove down to Richmond to see Gabbi!
went to her pool
talked for 2 hours in the pool
got burned
went to Gabbi's favorite restaurant (you guessed it, chick-fil-a)
 passed out on her bed
tried to convince her to do a study abroad with me in the spring (fingers crossed)
went to Madison's house
devoured Madison's amazing peanut,noodle,shrimp dinner
went to sweet frog
watched a "one for the money"
almost passed out during the movie
Sunday: woke up and went to church
went to my first marriage prep class (no rush here)
ate Mrs. Pericle's delicious dinner and cookies
talked with my girls Gabbi and Tess and relaxed 
took these pics of them for my portrait portfolio

LOVE the last one of Gabbi!
click HERE if you want to see the rest
you should probably just like my page...ya know... while your there ;)

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