Monday, July 30, 2012

just updating: instagram style

Last Monday night/early early Tuesday morn:
I got to spend some QT with Louisa before sending her off to the motherland that is Utah

 (please excuse my 4 A.M. lack of makeup and hair) 
Ever since my 6 and 1/2 hr hair appointment last fall, I've dreaded going to the salon.
 I finally got it done (and in under an hour!) 
Because it was the same day I dropped Louisa off and babysat for 8 hrs, I may or may not of fell asleep in the bad

Relaxing on day off from babysitting :)
got some cafe rio (soo excited that it's making it's way over from the west) with Cydney after doing a photoshoot for C.R.O.W.N project (check it out, it's awesome)
Also got some free meal cards (the highlight of my week)


More babysitting

Should've taken pictures but went laser tagging with Cydney, Spencer and Tyler. It was really fun. It's also the best place to people watch (totally witnessed a middle school couple's breakup/makeup convo waiting for our turn, gotta love it)
 fro-yo and baptisms with my homegirl, Emily :) (we missed ya kelly)

 gotta get a hair pic
 Spent some QT with Gabbi before doing a shoot in Richmond
It was a long week, but tomorrow's my last day of work so I'm excited to spend the rest of my summer doing some real important things (aka working on my tan and sleeping)

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