Thursday, April 5, 2012

i'm done!! (1 year down, 3 to go)

This week has been so stressful. Going to college across the country is more stressful than it should be. Having finals + trying to get all of your stuff out + getting a storage unit + cleaning checks + trying to find a new apartment 5 months in advance = exhausted Katelyn. I finished everything this morning and then had a longgg bus ride down to Utah. I can’t wait to just sleep in my own bed and my comfy pillow :) but I still have a couple days in utah until that happens. I’m happy to leave school but I’m sad to leave my girlzz (gabbi, Louisa, catie and derrick) but it will all be good.

Things I’m sad about
·      No more late nights with my girlies
·      Leaving my routine
·      Apartment “talks”
·      Getting a job
·      Leaving the Rexburg environment
·      Gabbi (& derrick, they’re a package)
·      Having to ask to
o   Use the car
o   Go anywhere
o   Sleepover
o   Go on trips

Things im excited for
·      no more class (for 5 months)
·      not having to go to the laundry room and have weirdo’s move my clothes
·      summer
·      sun
·      pool
·      tanning
·      concerts
·      making $$$
·      spending $$$
·      nice weather!
·      bethh
·      My sister’s prom/graduation
·      not having the risk of getting kicked out for curfew!
·      no paying for
o   groceries
o   shelter
o   everything!! (that’s a lie, but that is what I think is gunna happen in my head)

but yeah, a lot of ups and downs this past week and here’s what I’ve been doing to get through it
cleaning out my room 

hiking the "R"

baking pie :)

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