Monday, March 12, 2012

sandy hobo's at the park

You know those weekends where you just don’t want them to end? Well that’s what it felt like this past weekend. Maybe it was the fact that the sun decided to come out of hibernation and give us 50 degree weather (to most of you, that’s freezing, but for us in Rexburg it was marvelous) to enjoy, I don’t know why but it was so much fun.
On Friday, we went to the sand dunes and made a fire (aka, stole wood from the construction site)

 scary story time
On Saturday, we decided to have a picnic on the park as well as every one in Rexburg and their brother. And when I say picnic I mean buy subway and eat it outside. on Saturday night we had our all time fav, kiwi loco :)

 haha favorite one!
we saw a dog who had to have pig-tales or else it's hair would get in it's eyes.

Then on Sunday we went to the sand dunes again (there isn’t a wide variety of places to go here) and we made “hobo dinners”. 
(this time we asked the construction workers for wood and they showed us the motherland dumpster of firewood)

 (gabbi and derrick making out while i'm setting up the tripod haha)

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  1. bahahah me and derrick making out while you set the tripod up. I'm cracking up. this is adorable!