Monday, March 19, 2012

parentals and 5k

there's always that one thing in life that you just KNOW you're not good at
for me, it's running...
don't get me wrong, i like working out
 i go to gabbi's spin class every tuesday and thursday, i always try to work out at least 4-5 times a week
but running was never something i really enjoyed
well, a few months ago, my mom signed my family up for the Rex Lee Run in provo 
(my dad got asked to speak for my brothers class at byu so my parents were going to be visiting utah for a couple days) 
so this past weekend was THE weekend 
i had never run any kind of race before and it was pretty cool, there were probably more baby strollers in the race than a normal race would have (but that's utah for you)
i know it was only  a 5k but i don't how much i can emphasize that i'm NOT a runner
here's all of us at the race 
 this is my "feeling accomplished" face afterwards
it was fun
i stayed at my aunt's house and got to see my cute cousins
here's my cousin kamille striking a pose

i also got to see tess who actually introduced gabbi and i and told us to be roommates
we went to a st. patty's party in a castle and danced like no other 


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