Thursday, March 8, 2012

my roomies

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to take pics of my gorgeous roommates. so i thought that i would explain how much i love them with each picture
this is Gabbi

   I met gabbi last year when one of our mutual friends found out we were both going to the same school. Gabbi is probably one of the most funniest girls i know. she is so upfront with everyone and it's so funny. I love how honest and straight up she is. she is hilarious. one of my favorite memories our first semester is when there were some guys talking to us in our doorway right before we were about to eat sunday dinner and everything was ready, the guys kept on talking and wouldn't leave. gabbi looked at them and said "are you guys EVER going to leave?!" haha they got the message and left. she also makes amazing food with "betsey" (her fryer) and is ALWAYS excited to eat food haha. love you girll

this is Catie

i met catie about 4 years ago at EFY at SVU. she is the only person i've ever stayed in contact with from my four years of efy. she only lives 40 min away so we were able to visit eachother every once in a while. catie is absolutely gorgeous but constantly denies it. she has a lot of energy and gets kinda crazy after curfew, but we love it. catie has two loves...honduras and killer whales. if she could save every unfortunate kid in the world she would, and if she could do it riding whales her life would be complete.

and this is Louisa

last but not least this is louisa, she is too beautiful i know. i also met louisa at the same efy where i met catie 4 years ago. her and catie are inseparable, they are one of the cutest/funniest/weirdest best friends i've ever seen. louisa has a HUGE heart and is always making sure everyone else is happy before she worries about herself. she's an AMAZING artist (i'm so jealous of her talent) and has the strongest spirit out of everyone i know. louisa is also really intelligent and one of the sweetest person i know 

together we are the unstoppable Virginians of apt 221

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