Thursday, March 29, 2012


for my english research paper, i wrote about the fact that our school has a curfew
there are some pros...but mostly cons...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

festival of colors

So yesterday we went to the festival of colors. If your Mormon or live in Idaho and Utah, you know what it is due to the fact that all of your friends are posting pics of them all chalked up. But for those of you who don’t know the festival of colors is a Hindu ceremony that goes on once a year, where they throw chalk up in the air. I don’t know the symbolism or anything but we went and it was so much fun. I saran rapped my camera and plastic bagged it like crazy, these are the shots that I got 
enjoy :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

get out of class/jamba juice kind of day

Thursday was a get out of class early (aka, go on a jamba juice run) kind of day. catie and I got out of class an hour early (which is the best in the world cause it’s English class)
We were leaving for Utah on Friday so I was done with classes for the rest of the week. We celebrated with jamba juice in the park.
While there I got some HAWT pics of catie

And here’s the rest of our day

 catie holding up the drawing i did (catie holding a jamba juice with a honduran child on top of a killer whale)
 catie's drawng of a whale...of course

all time fave pic of me (of course there's a stroller in the background)

catie always

Monday, March 19, 2012

parentals and 5k

there's always that one thing in life that you just KNOW you're not good at
for me, it's running...
don't get me wrong, i like working out
 i go to gabbi's spin class every tuesday and thursday, i always try to work out at least 4-5 times a week
but running was never something i really enjoyed
well, a few months ago, my mom signed my family up for the Rex Lee Run in provo 
(my dad got asked to speak for my brothers class at byu so my parents were going to be visiting utah for a couple days) 
so this past weekend was THE weekend 
i had never run any kind of race before and it was pretty cool, there were probably more baby strollers in the race than a normal race would have (but that's utah for you)
i know it was only  a 5k but i don't how much i can emphasize that i'm NOT a runner
here's all of us at the race 
 this is my "feeling accomplished" face afterwards
it was fun
i stayed at my aunt's house and got to see my cute cousins
here's my cousin kamille striking a pose

i also got to see tess who actually introduced gabbi and i and told us to be roommates
we went to a st. patty's party in a castle and danced like no other 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"that" couple

there's always "that" couple in your group of friends who are always together.
for us, it's gabbi and derrick. 
derrick is seriously the 7th girl in our apartment, we don't hold back at ALL around him. he jokes around and tells us that he learns more in our apartment than he does in class haha. 
over the weekend we were joking around how they should have their own reality we made one
enjoy :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

i owe her

This was my first photo assignment that we were allowed to use color…I think I went a little overboard but it was so much fun. Poor Catie, it was freezing cold and windy in the sand dunes. She still looks beautiful and I love how they turned out.

sandy hobo's at the park

You know those weekends where you just don’t want them to end? Well that’s what it felt like this past weekend. Maybe it was the fact that the sun decided to come out of hibernation and give us 50 degree weather (to most of you, that’s freezing, but for us in Rexburg it was marvelous) to enjoy, I don’t know why but it was so much fun.
On Friday, we went to the sand dunes and made a fire (aka, stole wood from the construction site)

 scary story time
On Saturday, we decided to have a picnic on the park as well as every one in Rexburg and their brother. And when I say picnic I mean buy subway and eat it outside. on Saturday night we had our all time fav, kiwi loco :)

 haha favorite one!
we saw a dog who had to have pig-tales or else it's hair would get in it's eyes.

Then on Sunday we went to the sand dunes again (there isn’t a wide variety of places to go here) and we made “hobo dinners”. 
(this time we asked the construction workers for wood and they showed us the motherland dumpster of firewood)

 (gabbi and derrick making out while i'm setting up the tripod haha)