Monday, January 23, 2012

mondays bum days

Let’s just say that I’ve had better days.
1.   Couldn’t get sleep until 3am last night
2.   Slept in and missed the first hour of my photo lab class
3.  Fell on the ice
4. Almost got hit by a car
5.  Totally forgot about an exam I had in class today
6.  I got a 0% on an online assignment because I didn’t label them correctly
Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. Im not trying to be a downer or anything, I just haven’t had a bad day in a while and I forgot what they felt like. One a positive note, I don’t have class for the rest of the day! Now I can relax, get all my work done, and just watch the snowfall outside the window.
It started snowing on sat night and we decided to be “smart” and start driving to the hot springs right as it was getting bad and we were in a car with no four-wheel drive. We managed to get there safely and it nasty and fun at the same time

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