Thursday, December 29, 2011

my far

so it's been pretty cray cray since i've been back in va
3 days after i arrived here we flew to miami to visit the grandparents in miami, we also went on a two day cruise to the bahamas, not bad right?
I noticed a lot of things while I was one vacation
1.    There is ALWAYS a baby on the plane and it ALWAYS decides to cry right when you are trying to fall asleep
2.    Sleeping on a cruise makes you feel like you’re on a vibrating toothbrush (that may or may not be because we were above the generator)
3.    The cruise pool is cool until you accidently swallow and find out it’s all salt water
4.    A cruise is not a good place for a recovering alcoholic because they’re literally asking you for drinks every 2 min
But it was nice to be in warm weather but i we had to postpone Christmas until we got home on the 28th, lame I know but it was worth it because I got the best present ever!! This baby

i got to see one of my roomies in miami too and stay in her hotel where the bed was "dangerously comfortable" as daniel would say, but for real, we had a really hard time getting out of bed..
 here are some pics :)

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